Murphy USA Bobblehead

In 2009 Murphy USA contracted the Bobble Factory to create a Chiwawa car bobblehead. The national gas station and convenience store chain that is dedicated to helping customers buy smarter and drive further was looking for a fun promotional item that also built some brand name recognition.

Bobble Factory helped design a custom chiwawa dog bobblehead doll that could be affixed to car dashboards. This project was unique as we used a lighter weight poly resin (bobblehead material) to make the bobbles and a special adhesive sticker was applied to the bottom of every base. The item was made with a lighter weight resin to insure safety of its owners once applied to the car dashboard.

The final design featured the company mascot and corporate logo on the base of every bobble. This promotional product gave its corporate headquarters exactly what they wanted, full exposure of a logo and its mascot. The item was such a hit that they reordered again in 2013.

If you want to learn more about this bobble, then go check out Murphy USA’s Facebook Fan Page.